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Amazing Beach Sessions

Sunrise Session at the Outer Banks near the pier.
Outer Banks Sunrise Senior Session

Water, sunrise/sunset and reflections are some of my absolute favorite things. This combination makes sure an amazing portrait. You might be thinking a sunrise session you are absolutely crazy.


I know sunrise is so early and it's hard to get up and get ready. The colors of the sky during the sunrise at the reflection of the sun on the ocean. At sunset you can potentially have the beautiful sky but you will not have the sun reflecting on the water or at the edge of the water. Remember you can always take a nap later in the day even while sun bathing on the beach :) Keep in mind the wind will be blowing at the beach, so having hair that flows in the wind is perfect, so you won't need to spend a lot of extra time in the morning fixing your hair. There are several options for waking up with curly hair and you just need to do your makeup and comb through your hair.

You want the best of two worlds - let's do a sunrise and sunset session!

Outer Banks Sound Sunset Senior Session, flipping her hair in the water.
Senior Sunset Session at the Sound at OBX

Being on the East Coast there are two beaches that are my favorite. One is the Outer Banks - pictured in the two above pictures. The other is Kure Beach at Fort Fisher.

Fort Fisher Beach Portraits

Kure Beach at Ft Fisher has so much to offer, the beach is so gorgeous. There are several options at this location. These moss covered rocks are only visible at low tide, the rest of the time they are completely covered by the ocean.

Senior Portraits on the rocks at Kure Beach, Ft. Fisher.
Holly Springs Senior Beach Portraits

Interested in a beach session - book a free consult below. I would love to discuss the options. There is an additional travel fee.

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