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I have the best J-O-B

Spending time with teens and being able to capture their smile, personality and joy means that I have the absolutely best J-O-B.

You know when people tell you to find a job that you love so that it doesn't actually feel like work - DO IT! Life is too short to be unhappy in a job day in and day out that makes you miserable. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith and go for what we feel like we are called to do. I have felt for years that I am called to be an influence in teenager's lives, to be there for them during this important time in their life. To be there to help them through the happy and difficult times. To listen to them, help guide them to make good decisions. To cheer them up if they have had a rough day. To tell them how beautiful inside and out that they truly are. To help them realize how gorgeous they are. To capture their smile and laughter. All of these things bundled into such a blessing to me.

I look back at their images and I can just see what was happening while taking that specific portrait. It is like reliving the experience all over again.

I feel so lucky to hang out with these gorgeous teens on a daily basis.

Spring Senior Session at Duke Gardens outside of Raleigh, NC
Senior Portraits at Duke Gardens

I strive to get to know these teens before their session so that I can create an amazing experience for them. We plan out everything in advance including which outfit they will wear at each local/spot during their session. All of this planning makes their session go smoothly and no time wasted talking about where we are going next. I know a 2 hour session sounds really long, but actually it goes by in a flash and we are working against sunlight. I want to get in as much as possible in our 2 hours together so planning ahead is essential. With the planning out of the way it allows us to relax, laugh and just have the best experience.

If you live in the Raleigh area and are interested in talking to me and learning more about the JMFHOTO Senior Experience you can book a free consult below.

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