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I have the Digitals - I'm Fine, I'm Fine

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Raleigh NC-Holly Springs NC - Senior Portraits
Raleigh Senior Portraits

High School Senior Portraits are meant to be enjoyed not locked away on your computer hard drive. We all have the best intentions of printing out our digital images and displaying them on our walls and family rooms, but sometimes life happens.

Raise your hand if you have multiple kiddos and only the oldest has a scrap book. HAND 1/2 way raised over here. I have 2 1/2 scrap books for my oldest and my youngest has a book with a few pages done then just printed out images etc inside the book. Honestly it's kind of messy, but it's the truth. I had the best intentions of creating that special scrap book for both of my kids, but then life got in the way. I do not want to do the same for their senior portraits. I want to display them proudly on our walls. So when they are hours away at college, I can walk by daily and see his/her smile and their eyes looking back at me. I want those senior albums with all of the facial expressions also, so I can remember how silly and crazy they were at 17-18 years old. But if I just have the digitals that are just stored away on my hard-drive and the worse happens and my computer crashes before I get hard copies - oh the tears I would shed.

I know you can look online and instantly find 20+ options of places to print out your images and even your local drug store or Walmart. But those places use cheap materials and you will not get true colors. After all of the time and money spent on your senior session you should make sure to order the best print products that can be treasured for a lifetime and passed down generations to come. Be sure to talk to your photographer about the high-quality products they can offer you. They should be able to help you pick out the perfect size, collage etc for your wall and the best size album and number of pages. Don't forget about the grandparents - I'm sure they would love to have an updated portrait to enjoy in their living room as well.

One of my favorite type of Wall Art is Metal Prints - it is so vivid and beautiful.

"Metal prints are printed on a thin aluminum surface and employing a modern dye-sublimation process and the latest technology for enhanced color, clarity, detail, and archival quality, Vivid & Matte Metals are a show-stopping contemporary decor piece. "

- Miller's Professional Imaging

If you live in the Raleigh, NC area and want to learn more about working with me to Experience a Wonderful Senior Portrait session - you can book a consult here.

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