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Importance of Portraits goes beyond Social Media

Raleigh Portraits in peach orchard at sunset
Raleigh Portraits

I think sometimes we can forget the importance of having our portraits printed out for us to look at and enjoy. Living in the digital world, we like to instantly post images on our social media. But don't forget the daily enjoyment of seeing your child or family displayed on your living room wall or table/bookshelf.

Time flies by so fast and before we know it our child's senior year is over and they are moving on to college or into the real world and we quickly have an empty bedroom in our house. As parents we want our kids to grow up to be strong independent adults, but we will always want to remember them. The struggle is so real when they leave our house, the new normal is so hard to adjust to. Not being able to just go see them in their room and ask them in person about their day. We want to see their smiling faces on a daily basis and once they move out they won't have time to facetime us on the daily. Next best thing is to have their portrait hanging on our walls, or displayed on our console table or bookshelf.

Even having a senior album to look at to remember all of their facial expressions and their laugh is so priceless. Senior albums are so wonderful for the parents to have while our young adult is away at college and starting their new adventures, but also wonderful to pass down to our child when they are older to share with their children.

I'm here for you moms and dads to help you document your child's senior year and capture their personality. I'm here to give them a great experience and listen to what they want. I strive to make my sessions so much fun and enjoyable.

Even if your young adult has already graduated high-school - IT IS NOT TOO LATE!!! You can still capture them in portraits. During a weekend visit or during their summer break. Or even if they decided to stay at home after high-school at attend community college and transfer later - Still hear me when I say IT IS NOT TOO LATE! You can still schedule a portraits session and have portraits to display on your walls/tables/bookshelf!

If you live in the Raleigh area and want to learn more about the JMFHOTO Senior Experience, you can book a free consult here.

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