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Senior Model Team

Updated: Sep 17, 2023

Raleigh Senior Portrait Photographer
Senior Model Team

Senior Model Team should come with a year's worth of memories to

treasure for a life-time.

From the summer before senior year all the way to graduation


Senior Model Team is my passion - hanging out with these special teens for an entire year. What a blessing! I get to watch them conquer their senior year and capture the memories along the way. One of the perks of the models on my senior team is going on fun scouting sessions. This is just me and a few of them just hanging out and checking out different locations for future sessions.

We have so much fun and you know what - it also really helps the senior become even more comfortable with me and prepare them for their individual session. By the end of their senior year they are so absolutely comfortable in front of the camera and I hope along the way I have convinced them of how absolutely beautiful/handsome that they truly are.

I love being able to pour into these teen's lives, I love seeing their confidence grow and they realize how amazing they are. Really blesses me seeing them come to these realization! I truly have the best job and 100% feel called to work with teens and be a great influence in their lives.

The model team is built to help them increase their confidence and document their senior year. There is enough stress and competition during high school and teen activities. I love creating a safe space for them to be themselves and show their true personality!

No prior modeling experience is needed to be a part of my model team, and I am not looking for a certain look. I want to celebrate all teens!! I'm so excited that the 2024 JMFHOTO Model Team is so diverse this year!! I have 15 wonderful seniors on this year's team. This model team takes a lot of work to prepare for and always kicks off in May before the seniors enter into their senior year. Because of this I start the application process the previous fall. This year the 2025 JMFHOTO Model Team applications will open in November. Be sure to get on my notification list to be the first to know when applications open. You can get on that list here.

Here is a look into recent model team scouting sessions - more coming soon.

If you live in the Raleigh area and want to know more about the JMFHOTO Senior Experience you can book a free consult here.

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