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Tips for Amazing Updated Family Portraits

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Christmas Mini Sessions in Raleigh, NC
Christmas Mini in Raleigh, NC

Life moves too quickly, all the day to day business and the to do list. Don't get too swept away in life that you forget to stop and embrace this stage in life. Be sure to set aside time to get updated family portraits on a regular basis, even if it's just a quick mini session in the fall. Mini sessions are the perfect quick session to grab a few updated images of your family. This is also a great opportunity to create portraits to add to a yearly Christmas card.

I love to offer a few days a year to my clients for Fall and Christmas minis. These are super quick 20 minute sessions and usually include just a few images.

Tips for Amazing Updated Family Portraits

  • Think about where you want to display your portraits - this will help you decide on what color scheme your family should wear for your session. This might seem silly, but if you want to display your updated family portrait on your living room wall you don't want your portrait to clash with your color scheme in your living room. But if you are just using these updated images for Christmas cards - then a Christmas Color Scheme would be a good choice.

  • Be sure to have Mom & Dad get in the picture! It is important to capture your entire family together - laughing and hugging each other. This is how you will want to remember your family - loving on each other - Creating happy memories.

  • Make it into a fun event, plan a wonderful dinner out as a family afterwards to continue the adventure. Or plan to get some ice cream afterwards to hype up the kiddos.

  • Come with a good attitude! Play some hype up music on the ride to the location, or tell some jokes. Try to not let the kiddos sleep in the car on the way to the portrait session. A lot of times if little ones sleep on the way to the location, it will take them awhile to wake up and be ready to smile in pictures. By the time they are awake and in a good mood the session could be over, especially if it is just a 20 minute mini session.

  • Be sure to NOT have gum in your mouth.

  • Make sure everyone has clean fingernails and toenails (if toes will show), no chipped polish.

  • Make sure everyone has had a recent haircut and a shave if necessary.

  • Do not forget about the shoes - make sure everyone is wearing nice clean shoes.

  • Try on your outfits way in advance of your session incase the dress or pants you have in mind no longer fit. Especially for growing kids, if they are wearing pants, make sure they are long enough and do not look like highwaters. This will sound silly but make sure everyone has on appropriate color socks - no white socks with black shoes, otherwise those white socks will really stand out.

  • Plan ahead to give yourself enough time to shop for clothes, shoes etc. Scheduling your session months in advance will allow you plenty of time to prepare.

  • Find a photographer who will help you in picking out the best family outfits, coordinating outfits is better than matchy matchy. You will want everyone to be their own individual and not blend in with others.

Regular family sessions are also offered - an hour session allows more time to get multiple images of all of the groupings - entire family, parents, kids and individual kids.

I love to find the best session for my clients and offer what works best for them and their family.

Fall Mini Sessions at the NC Art Museum, Raleigh NC

September 16th

Fall Mini Sessions at the Historic Oak View, Raleigh NC

October 28th

Christmas Mini Sessions at the City Market, Raleigh NC

October 30th

If you are looking for a regular family session, you can book a free consult below to discuss all the details.

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