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You are Worth Celebrating

Have you ever said one of the following:

I'm awkward in front of the camera.

I never look good in pictures.

I don't take flattering images.

I could never look as good in my senior pictures as so and so from my high school.

Why would I get senior portraits done? I'm never going to look at them again.

Ok let me STOP you right there! I don't care if you are 14, 17, or even in your 40s - I guarantee you are Gorgeous or Handsome! Celebrate who you are in every stage of your life! Be proud of the person you are, be confident in yourself! Stop comparing yourself to others and allow yourself to step into who you are meant to me!

My mission as a photographer is to help you FIND your BEAUTY in yourself. The most flattering angle for you, the best colors for your eyes and skin tone. I will be honest with you if I don't think the color you picked out is the most flattering for you. I will say everything in Love and nicely of course. But always always when I show my clients and explain what I see they always agree and we find a wonderful solution that is even better. I strive to capture your best self, this starts from the beginning in the consult when I start to learn who you are. Your session is custom to you and designed to create the most wonderful experience for you! We have to talk locations, seasons, outfits and all the things in between. I have to get to know you so we can talk and hang out and allow your true personality to come through in your portraits. We don't want those fake and forced smiles,

we want the Good Lively Personality to SHINE!

You will see me still snapping my camera while you are potentially laughing at something or almost falling and everything because sometimes that is where the magic is. What is so funny is that we remember what was happening when we look back at your images and relive the experience and live in that moment again and again. The majority of the time while I am editing my client's images I will find myself just smiling at the memory or laughing at what we were doing and it just in turns brings me so much joy as I know it does the same for my clients.

Senior Sessions are meant to be fun and full of laughter. When I get you out of your shell, no more will you have to worry about being awkward in front of the camera, because you will be yourself and I will capture YOU. Don't worry I will give you some poses and some movement to do along the way. I will also show you the back of my camera throughout your session and discuss what you like and if there is anything you don't like.

The end result is beautiful images that portray who you are in this stage in your life. Images that you will want to treasure and share with your children some day. Images that your child will look on and say "Wow, you were young once." LOL, you know when you are a parent little kids think that their parents are ancient. All joking aside, they will love looking at images of their mom/dad when they were in high school.

Your parents need images of you to see on a daily basis once you are away at college or moved out to start your adult life. Having kids grow up and move out is extremely hard on the parents, but having your smiling face hanging up on a wall in their house will bring them joy on a daily basis! Most likely you will not have portraits like this done again until your wedding day, don't miss this opportunity to celebrate YOU!

Your images need to be sharp and clear to see the detail in your face and eyes. I believe that your images should be vibrant, colorful and full of detail. Your images should not be stored away on your hard drive, they should be displayed on your walls and enjoyed in albums for a lifetime.

If you life in the Raleigh area and are interested in working with me to create beautiful images to treasure. You can book a free consult below.

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