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Photography Session Myths

Updated: Mar 11

Raleigh Portrait Photographer
Raleigh Spring Teen Portraits

Breaking Photography session myths : what you need to know

  1. “I’m not photogenic”

  2. “I’m going to look awkward”

  3. “I don’t know what to do with my hands”

  4. “Photographers just click a button”

  5. “Everyone will be watching me”

  6. “I have nothing to wear”

  7. “I don’t like myself in pictures”

  8. “I’m never going to look as good as my friends do in their portraits”

Are you hesitating to book a senior/teen photography session because of common myths swirling in your mind? I am a Raleigh portrait photographer - let's debunk these misconceptions and reassure you that your experience will be nothing short of beautiful and confidence-boosting.

1. “I’m not photogenic”: This myth couldn’t be farther from the truth. Every individual possesses unique beauty, and a skilled photographer knows how to capture it. It’s not about conforming to a standard definition of beauty but rather about showcasing your authentic self. Ever heard the saying "beauty comes from within", it's so TRUE - everyone is beautiful in their own way. You should embrace your unique beauty and personality and let it shine through in your portraits. Celebrate Who you Are!!

2. “I’m going to look awkward”: It’s natural to feel a bit uneasy in front of the camera, but as a Raleigh professional portrait photographer I am here to guide you every step of the way. Your photographer should provide gentle direction to help you pose naturally and comfortably, resulting in genuine and stunning photographs. I can give 5 teens the same pose and it look completely different for each person. You should have a photographer who an help you find the perfect pose/movement for you. It's funny because sometimes I will ask my clients to do silly things and they feel awkward but every time something amazing comes out of those images and usually causes them to laugh during these moments and creates such a fun experience! But they don't look awkward just maybe felt a little silly but in the end it will be totally worth it. I might be guilty of playing children's songs when they are expecting it to get a true expression.

3. “I don’t know what to do with my hands”: Feeling unsure about posing is common, but rest assured, your photographer should offer suggestions and guidance. Whether it’s placing your hands softly by your side or engaging in a natural activity, they’ll ensure you feel confident and at ease. There is always something to do with your hands, whether playing with your skirt, hair or your belt loop. So many variations, including putting your hand under your chin. Just need to be sure to not hide your face with your hand, or have your hand too much around your neck or fingers to look like you are giving the camera the finger. Going from a serious face, to soft smile, regular smile and usually ending in a laugh. Magic happens during these steps - usually trying to get a client to hold a serious face ends in the most genuine smile.

4. “Photographers just click a button”: Contrary to popular belief, photography is an art form that requires skill, creativity, and technical expertise. Professional photographers meticulously plan each shot, considering lighting, composition, and posing to capture the essence of their subjects beautifully. Getting to know my clients helps me relax them and get real personality to jump out of their portraits. Usually joking around with my clients and having such a fun time brings out the best in their portraits. But the planning starts way before the session itself. I love to plan and coordinate the location with the outfits, I always want to make sure the client is the focus of each portrait and does not blend in with their background. As a Raleigh Photographer there are so many amazing locations around the triangle. Planning the outfits to match the perfect location is so important. There should be contrast between the color of the outfits and the background. Planning the NC Senior Portrait session allows us to use our time wisely, it is unbelievable how quickly a 2 hour session can go by. It is so important that the location and order of outfits is planned ahead of time so we do not waste daylight. That being said when the right light appears or we see the most amazing flower we can take a few mins to capture that beauty then move on to our next spot.

5. “Everyone will be watching me”: It’s natural to feel self-conscious, but during your NC senior portrait session, the focus will be solely on you. As your Raleigh photographer I will create a relaxed and private atmosphere where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself without any pressure or judgment. Typically I pick locations that are not crowded and pick days that I know won't be overrun with people. Going to a popular park during the weekend you are usually guaranteed to be surrounded with a lot of people, these are places to plan to go during the week when it won't be as crowded. I do not like to have other people in the background of my images - just my clients. Plus if we pick areas that aren't crowded my clients generally relax more. But on occasion when other people are around almost always someone will compliment the senior/teen on how beautiful they look. I love when strangers do this!

6. “I have nothing to wear”: Don’t let wardrobe worries hold you back! As your Raleigh portrait photographer I will offer guidance on outfit selection based on your style, personality, and the desired aesthetic of your photoshoot. Remember, confidence is the best accessory. Did you know that I have a huge client closet that all of my clients have access to? Majority of the outfits are from local boutiques. and have only been worn a few times. This allows my clients to have a variety of looks without having to buy a new wardrobe. Clients have the opportunity to come to my Downtown Raleigh Photography studio to try on outfits before their session.

7. “I don’t like myself in pictures”: This myth often stems from past experiences or unrealistic standards perpetuated by social media. However, a professional photography session is an opportunity to redefine your relationship with your image. Through expert guidance and skillful editing, your photographer should be able to capture your best self, leaving you proud and empowered. I always show my clients the back of my camera throughout their session, I want to make sure they LOVE what they see. I always want to find the perfect and most flattering angles for my clients. Almost always the response is Wow I can't believe I look like that. We are always our worse critic and the hardest on ourself. I always encourage my clients to tell me if there is something that they don't like. Most likely I'm not going to know unless they tell me. I create an open and honest environment with my clients so that I can do my best to create amazing NC Senior portraits for them.

8. “I’m never going to look as good as my friends do in their portraits”: It's easy to compare ourselves to others, especially in the age of social media where carefully curated images flood our feeds. However, it's important to remember that everyone's journey is unique, and beauty comes in many forms. As your photographer I am committed to capturing the essence of who you are, not just replicating someone else's image. Embrace your individuality and trust that your portraits will reflect your own unique charm and personality. You are not in competition with your friends; you are simply celebrating your own journey and accomplishments. Embrace your beauty, and let your portraits tell your story authentically. I love to create unique and WOW portraits through my Raleigh photography.

Daffodils at Dorothea Dix Park
Raleigh Spring Portraits

Remember, your senior/teen photography session is about celebrating this exciting milestone in your life. Embrace the experience, trust in your photographer’s expertise, and above all, recognize the beauty that lies within you. You are unique, you are worthy, and you are undeniably beautiful.

I would love to capture your teen/senior portraits - serving the triangle around Raleigh, NC.

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