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Celebrate Your Senior Year in Style - Apply for the JMFHOTO Model Team - c/o 2025

Raleigh Senior Photographer Model Team Applications open on Nov 1st.
Senior Model Team

It's almost time!!!! It blows me away every year how quickly we get here. I love my current model team, and it's so bittersweet knowing we are about 1/2 through their year. So excited for them for their future adventures but also sad at the same time that I won't get to spend as much time with them once they graduate. I love watching the 2022 and 2023 model team grow into young adults and so proud of everything they have accomplished. I'm still over here being their cheerleader!!!! But here we are again starting with a new class. I'm so excited to have another class to pour into, to encourage and to love on!!!

Model Team Applications open on Nov 1st, serving Fuquay Varina, Apex, Cary, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Durham and surrounding areas.
Fuquay Varina Senior Photographer

The model team is more about portraits, it's the celebrating their senior year and capturing who they are in this time in their life. Creating all of these memories to look back on later in life. Memories to treasure FOREVER while also learning to grow in confidence and become comfortable in front of the camera so that their true personality shines in their portraits. I love watching my model team grow at each session that we have. I see them in the beginning at the meet and greet be a little shy and unsure of what to do - to being able to KNOW what I'm going to say and what I'm going to ask them to do next. They learn what poses and looks that they like the most so that we can together create portraits that they will love. We laugh so much throughout the year whether it's at a session, at a hangout or even just through text. We hug, we laugh, we celebrate wins, talk about upcoming tests and college applications and future careers, talk about dreams, talk about relationships and anything and everything that is going on in their life. I'm that other adult role model in their life that they can come to if they need an adult and can't get in touch with their parents. I tell them from the very beginning if they are stuck in a situation and need an adult and can't get in touch with their parents to CALL ME, and if I'm able I'LL BE THERE. I'm very serious when I tell them this and they know it. As a parent knowing that there is other adults also looking out for my kids is HUGE! So when I say the model team is more than portraits I am not kidding. I so treasure the relationships that I build with this teens! I am not here to overstep or become their parent but rather come along side the parents and be there as extra support during this special time in the senior's life.

class of 2024 Model Team living it up at the beach, Senior Portrait Photographer at Kure Beach.
Senior Portraits at the Beach

All of that PLUS amazing Portraits!!!!!! I listen to what their dream session is and I try my best to come up with creative sessions to showcase their personality and make their dream session become a reality. By the time we have their individual session they will be more comfortable in front of the camera and KNOW what they like and know they can trust me to be honest if there is something that isn't as flattering as other poses etc. We work together seamlessly and create MAGIC!!!! In addition to the individual session we have a group session at the beach and at a castle!!!! Absolutely gorgeous locations - plus the outfits for these locations are provided by me so that I know that everything has been planned out to create beautiful images.

One of my absolute favorite sessions in August before school starts back - Scouting sessions. Check out this blog from this past August and our scouting session adventures.

There are always new places I want to scout so I make these into adventures. I divide up the team into smaller groups and we go on a short road trip together, just me and a few seniors. It's all planned out but this allows us to bond and create so many memories. I will say not every location is a win - I am still able to create beautiful images, but some of those locations will not make it to my location gallery as they are not good enough. But regardless if I like the location or not, the experience with these seniors and the memories we create are priceless!! We also will have a couple of mini session to capture special times of the year and fun hangouts with candid images. The very last session we will have is the group cap and gown session - we get to come together to celebrate this huge milestone!

Model Team Applications open on Nov 1st for class of 2025
Cap and Gown Model Team Portraits in Holly Springs

At the end of the year we will have captured their entire senior year, all of these images to look back on to see how much they have changed since the beginning of the year - PRICELESS!!!! Being completely honest here - when I go back and look at their year, my eyes are a little watery. It's one of those proud but sad moments, one of those moments remembering all of our experiences and all of the joy but at the same time knowing they are getting ready to enter adulthood and soar. These aren't my kids but I get so attached to them, no joke pretty sure there is something in my eye as I'm typing this. Deep breaths and pulling myself together . . .

So what am I looking for in my 2025 Model Team? I am looking for respectful teens, seniors that are nice and encouraging to others. This is not a competition space, this is not a place for drama. I am not looking for a certain body type or race. I am not looking to just have ladies either. This year the 2024 team is very diverse and I love it. No prior modeling experience is required even though Model Team is in the name LOL. You will be representing me and my photography business for a year. And I want other seniors to realize that they are just as beautiful and can show confidence no matter how they view themselves - THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL/HANDSOME! You are just allowing me to show others what an amazing time they will have when working with me PLUS all of the amazing portraits to treasure.

Ok so by now you are probably wondering how much does all of this cost. Is it free? No it is not free - the JMFHOTO Model Team & Teen Squad is my focus. I spend a lot of time creating these special sessions and all of the cost etc that goes into it. I am learning to treasure my time as well - I am a giver so this is hard for me. I'm over here trying to balance my family and business and do all the things. Each session comes with digitals and trust me when I say that is more than just clicking a button LOL. I do use off camera flash so that I can create vibrate lifelike images for you but I still have to edit them before I deliver them to you. You do not want me to list out all of the expenses - photography is not a cheap career. If I offered all of this for free there would be no more JMFHOTO.

The cost is different than what I have offered in the past because I want to make sure at the end of your senior year you have something tangible to look back on compared to just having the digitals. I have learned that it is easier for me to create these items for you verses you trying to find a good print lab to print out wall art, albums and prints. I have a variety of products available that are from an amazing photography print lab that has amazing service. Each of the group session, mini sessions, and scouting sessions you will receive digitals but you will purchase a portrait collection from your individual session and also have the opportunity to purchase a Senior Year Album that includes images from ALL OF YOUR SESSIONS - This is one of my favorite items!

COST: *$1000 Model Team Fee - $200 monthly payments starting on Jan 1, 2024 - May 1, 2024. Your Senior Session fee is included in the model Team Fee - Individual Session does not include prints or digitals - portrait collections start at $1000. There is a $500 portrait collection deposit due 2 days before your individual session - this goes directly towards the portrait collection that you pick out at your reveal session. (forms of payment accepted: Cash, check, or paypal) Payment Plan Available if Needed for portraitcollections - Please ask for options.

$1000 Model Team Fee + Portrait Collections starting at $1000 =

Entire Senior Year Captured for a LIFETIME!! IMPORTANT DATES: *Applications: Open on November 1, 2023 through November 15, 2023

*Once the team has been created I will reach out to schedule our meet and greet - This will be held in May 2024. I will decide on the date once I have created the team and gather schedules from everyone.

(You and your parent/guardian will have to sign a model contract and a contract to be on the Model Team)

Once you apply for the model team you will receive an email with a link to book a model team consult call. This is not an interview so don't be nervous. This is just the first time we will meet and I just want to make sure we are a good fit for each other. No stress, just a quick FaceTime or Zoom Call.


Applications open on November 1, 2023 and close on November 15, 2023. Be sure to tell your friends who have 2025 seniors, the model team is so much fun with friends!!!!

If you're not a senior year - but in High School - Guess what I have the perfect group for you - JMFHOTO Teen Squad - 9th-11th Grade. It is similar to the Model Team but scaled down a little because I want to make sure your Senior Year is EXTREMELY SPECIAL!!! Learn about the JMFHOTO Teen Squad!

Class of 2024 - If you want to learn more about the JMFHOTO Senior Experience -

Can't wait to connect with you!

Senior Portrait Photographer serving Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs, Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Durham and surrounding areas.

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