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Raleigh Senior Model Team

Class of 2024 High School Seniors around Raleigh, NC.
Raleigh Senior Model Team

This year has been an unforgettable journey filled with laughter, growth, and cherished connections.

15High School Seniors From 9 High Schools = 1 AMAZING GROUP!!!!

So many connections and memories made already and we are only 1/2 way through the year!

Each teen brings their own unique sparkle to our team, making every photo session an absolute delight. I can tell you over and over how amazing this experience is and about the amazing connections these seniors have created this year. But instead let's see what they have to say.

Sarah - JMFHOTO has allowed me to be comfortable behind a camera. I have found that my favorite pictures are the ones that are candid, and really catch my personality. The model team has made me more confident in my skin and behind a camera. I love the model team and I love ms. Jen!!❤️

Sameena - My favorite shoot that I did for the senior model team session would have to be when we all went to Ft. Fisher. We took a bunch of pictures all around the beach, but my favorite part was when we headed to this area where there were a bunch of rocks, and it was even better when there were waves coming in the background.

Hailey - Being a part of the JMFHOTO senior model team has impacted my senior experience by realizing who I am and being comfortable with my body and image. Taking fun pictures at a lake and then taking pictures in downtown can help me see myself as a whole person and not just different personalities. JMFHOTO model team makes me feel comfortable taking photos and also helping me find the joy in senior year

Maryn - JMFHOTO Model team has given me the space to make friends with similar styles and personalities and created lasting friendships for us. Being surrounded by people who love to model and love the camera has been so refreshing and the people I’ve met have become my besties.

Caitlyn - I have had a lot of great times on the model team. From falling in a river to being covered in salt and sand, I will always remember the times I've had on this team. We always have fun and joke together, there's never been a moment where I felt very pressured or stressed especially with the support of everyone on the team. So far, this has been an amazing adventure and I can't wait for more!

Brooklyn - The model team has given me the chance to meet some amazing and supportive people, while also teaching me how to be more comfortable when taking pictures!

High School Seniors celebrating their senior year near Raleigh, NC.
Fuquay Varina Senior Portrait Photography

Kayla M - A special memory that stands out from my time being on the JMFHOTO model team is my senior session at S&T’s Soda Shoppe. Mrs. Jenn did such an amazing job incorporating the place where my parents met into my photoshoot, all while encouraging me to be myself and have fun. I also learned how to do the twist, which was quite an interesting and hilarious experience. Mrs. Jenn is the absolute best person to work with, and I’m so grateful for her love of capturing life’s special moments!

Ryan - The model team has been so much fun and has positively impacted my senior experience in many ways. Meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones, everyone has been such a joy to be around. Every session has been unique in its own indiviual way. I am so grateful for the memories made this year with people who have become my great friends. I look foward to celebrating the rest of the year with the team and Mrs. Jenn!

Sydney - I was nervous about being on a modeling team because of my confidence, but every time I'm put in front of that camera, everyone makes me feel so confident and happy. Suffice to say it was a surprise for me to find my confidence like that, and I'm forever grateful for this team and what they have done for me <3

Olivia - A fun adventure I've had while being part of the JMFHOTO senior model team was going on our scouting session and having to figure out new places to take photos because the spot we were supposed to take them had been torn down.

-A special memory from being on the JMFHOTO model team is the secret santa we had! It was so fun to see everyone open their gifts and getting to spend time together. We have such good conversations and have so many laughs!

-The most unexpected thing about being on the JMFHOTO model team was how close everybody got. We are all very close and love spending time together.

-The JMFHOTO model team has allowed me to express my personality and style because miss jenn makes the environment so comfortable and open. I feel safe to be myself during all photoshoots and it's been such a joyful experience.

-My favorite location for the JMFHOTO model team is Harris Lake. It was so beautiful and the scenery looks stunning for photos.

-The JMFHOTO team has impacted my senior experience because it has gotten me out of my shell. I tend to be a very introverted person, so being on this team has helped me branch out and make new friendships and connection I never would have had otherwise.

-Something I've learned from being on the JMFHOTO senior model team is that being yourself is beautiful. You don't need to create a "perfect" version of yourself to be beautiful.

Carter - The most unexpected thing about being apart of the model team was during my individual photo shoot at the bridge. Mrs. Jenn joking asked if the dog could get into the tree and my dad took it as a challenge. We were able to get the dog up in the tree with me and they have turned out to be my favorite photo from being apart of the model team.

-What’s been the most exciting or unexpected thing about being apart of the JMFHOTO senior model team?

The most exciting part of being apart of the model team was our beach photo shoot. We drove a purple jeep onto the fort fisher beach. We loaded up half of the team into the jeep, and I got to ride in the back hanging onto the roll bars and I felt like I was king of the world. I also started to come out of my shell and talk to the other members on the team, I quickly realized that being the only boy wasn’t as scary as I thought.

Allison - My favorite location we’ve used is the beach. It was so much fun with the model team hanging out near the ocean splashing around. The ocean was so pretty! The model team is amazing and they are all so nice ❤️

Kayla J - Being on the model team has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and do things that I wouldn’t normally do. This allows me to be me and to express my personality, It has also taught me to be more social and to just have fun and not worry about what others think. I love having a photographer like Jenn who allows me to be goofy and is always prepared for a new hair color of mine 😜

Raleigh Senior Portrait Photographer
Holly Springs Senior Portrait Photography

If you’re interested in being a part of the 2025 Model Team - there is currently still room for more 2025 seniors. Be sure to apply today before the team is full.

Senior Portrait Photographer serving Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs, Apex, Cary, Raleigh, Durham and surround areas.

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